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Relationships that really stick!
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Communication Resources

SelfGrowth.com is probably the most complete guide to information about self -improvement and personal growth on the Internet.

It is designed as an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other websites

Hodu.com's latest offering - a valuable free resource for all business people, with weekly updated text and video content

Hosted by top editors and contributors with expertise in all areas of small business, Real Small Business looks at the important day-to-day issues facing small companies today. Combining practical advice, helpful features, and the real-world experiences of small businesses owners and employees, Real Small Business provides guidance and solutions for today's small business challenges.

Presentation Skills, Communication Training and Leadership Development
Impact Factory provides people skills training covering presentation skills, communications skills and team building, through to leadership development and executive coaching for individuals.

Winning Without Intimidation (WWI)

Bob Burg of Burg.com is the creator of Winning Without Intimidation, a newsletter "for people who believe in getting what they want in all areas of their life...while helping others to feel good about themselves." This ezine espouses many of the principles we advocate here. Subscribe at the site.

Also visit EndGossip.com. Launched by Bob together with Laura Palatnik, this site is designed, as its name implies, to help you conquer an insidious habit that can literally destroy lives!

Judy Vorfeld's Newsletters

Judy writes two excellent ezines. The breadth of her knowledge and of the range of resources she presents in each issue is quite amazing.

Communication Expressway is a Small Business ezine to help you improve your office, technology, presentation and writing skills. For further details and to subscribe, visit Ossweb.com. Webgrammar is intended for students, educators, editors, writers, librarians, researchers, lovers of the English language, and Web developers. More about it at Webgrammar.com

Conversation Matters!

Effective conversation can open the doors to many good things in life, and Loren Ekroth does a great job in showing us the way. Full information at Conversation Matters.com

Communicate for Results

Jan Pederson's Communicate4Results.com is another useful resource. The site and accompanying newsletter offer original strategies for sharpening interpersonal communication skills, helping you to make friends and avoid conflict.

Say It Better!

Kare Anderson is a specialist in helping people to "communicate to connect." The name of her website says it all! Pay her a very worthwhile visit at SayItBetter.com

Effective Copywriting

If you're bent on sharpening your copywriting skills, a smart thing to do would be to study the tutorials and other resources at AdCopywriting.com, the site of master copywriter, Joe Robson. Joe's newsletter is another source of valuable insights.

WATCH THIS SPACE! We are busy preparing a comprehensive compendium of other online resources - all to help you to further your knowledge on a wide range of topics related to human communication. So please come back soon!
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