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Azriel Winnett

Azriel Winnett

"Mr. Winnett's work on our book and various other projects has been exemplary. His contributions have made a significant impact on our company. There is no substitute for a quality writer." -- John G Ledo, CIO, Information Management Systems Inc.

In a word, Azriel is a writer. At present, his professional involvement is mainly in the Internet business arena. However, his many years of experience in writing have encompassed many different topics and kinds of material, both in print and online.

Azriel has served as editor of small newspapers, he has translated and edited books, and has worked as a public relations consultant, as a writer of educational materials and as an information and research officer.

Azriel is managing editor for the publications of UZIX Corporation. He has served as senior staff writer at Sling Shot Media LLC and as editor of their email newsletters, and a few years ago, he wrote a book on How to Start a Business on the Internet on behalf of Information Management Systems,Inc

A former South African, he lives today with his wife, Marion, and their two children in the beautiful town of Betar Illit, Israel, a short ride from Jerusalem.

Of course, high standards and a commitment to excellence are cornerstones of Azriel's professional life. But there are others, too.

A firm believer in the personal touch, he is keenly aware that credibility has long been a sensitive issue on the Internet. He invests a lot of energy in building trust, and aims to develop warm, long-term business relationships that both sides will find stimulating and fulfilling.

Azriel launched and developed this site, and the publications that go with it, primarily as a showcase for his work.

Enjoy! And if you have any writing needs of your own, he is ready to help you now! Drop Azriel a line now for more details or an estimate without obligation.


Azriel Winnett
Writer and Researcher


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