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Marketing Communication

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How Trying to Convince a Customer Makes Stress, Not Sales -- by Dov Gordon

Open the Right Door to Get What You Want! -- by Karla Brandau

Success Secrets for Telephone Interviews -- by Susan Berkley

Cold Calls: Lower Energy Voice Level Works Best -- by Susan Berkley

Using Your Voice to Put People At Ease -- by Susan Berkley

How Space Invasion Can Ruin a Business Deal -- by Carol Kinsey Goman

Sit Up Straight and Pay Attention! -- by John Boe

How to Sell Your Ideas, Your Vision...Yourself -- by Barry Maher

Cross-Selling Takes Teamwork -- by John Boe

The Sales Rep's Moment of Truth -- by John Boe

How You Can Outsmart Multi-Million Dollar Computer Models With Common Sense -- by Dov Gordon

Nobody Washes a Rental Car! -- by Bob Burg

Creativity and Common Sense in Non-Consumer Advertising
What's So Special About You? -- by JoAnna Brandi

Actions Speak Louder Than Words -- by John Boe

Signs of the Times: On Visual Clutter and Information Overload
-- by Naomi Karten

Two-Step Your Communication -- by Robert F. Abbott

Using Stories to Inform and Influence -- by Kevin Eikenberry

Cracking the Code: Using Client-speak to Close More Deals
-- by Kirstin Carey

Five Myths of Internet Marketing for Independent Professionals -- by C.J. Hayden

Enticing Voicemail Messages -- by Jill Konrath

Four Memory Slips That Can Cost You Sales -- by Roger Seip

How to Run a Happy Sales Meeting -- by Alexander Kjerulf

Eight Sales Writing Mistakes -- by Sue Hershkowitz-Coore

The Dangerous Customer -- by Shep Hyken

Choosing a Business Name: Six Essential Elements -- by Susan A. Friedmann

How to Build Trust and Rapport Quickly -- by John Boe

What Word Do You Own? -- by Scott Ginsberg

How to Develop a Brand Using Storytelling Techniques -- by Richard Fouts

How to Read Your Prospect Like a Book -- by John Boe

Communicating Across Time Horizons - by Robert Abbott

Web Writing: Nine Things We Thought You Knew
-- by Marilynne Rudick and Leslie O'Flahavan

The One Word that Gets Them Saying 'Yes!'
-- by Dov Gordon

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Sale
-- by Scott Friedman

How Smart Partnering Sustains Business and Communities -- by Kare Anderson

Your Mission Statement: Guiding Light or Just Wall Art? -- by Helen Wilkie

The Secret of Sequence in Selling
-- by Sean D'Souza

How Do You Sound to Others? -- by Nido Qubein

The Forgotten Art of Listening -- by Ed Brodow

The Plain Truth About Branding: A Reality Check
for Web and Newsletter Publishers

When Bullets Kill Communication -- by Cliff Atkinson

How to Harness the Psychological Power of Three's to Improve Communication -- by Sean D'Souza

There's No Sizzle Without Steak!-- by Azriel Winnett

See also: Customer Relations

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